Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro 15 inch Limited Version


This leather sleeve is measured for the MacBook Pro 15 Inch (2016-2019)

High-quality production, materials, and timeless design

Our Leather
- Highest graded
- Vegetable-tanned
- Full-grain leather 
- Unpainted
- Made locally in Spain
- Vachetta | Calf | Novillo | Cow leather

We tan our products under the sun of Barcelona with a special treatment to make our unique prints visible.
Limited edition
This product only comes in an edition of 100 pieces with our limited edition print 1/18.
This print shows all world politicians together as an illustration.

We produce the laptop sleeve entirely by ourselves in our atelier in Barcelona and ship it directly from here to you.

38,5 × 25,5 × 2 cm
15.2 x 10 x 0.8 inch

Vegetable-tanned leather develops a unique natural patina with time and use.


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